Tuesday, 11 September 2007

HOTDOG - Editions 1973

How to get the best out of your Pet:

The French publishinghouse Editions 1973 presents the new parisien cookbook of the yearA collaboration between french author Elise Milicevic and illustrator Daniel Egnéus

on how to cook your favourite pet, 24 recipees as “Potage aux oreilles de chat”, “couilles d’âne aux cagouilles”, “lapin nain sur canapés ou mousse de poissons rouges”

overlooked by the parisien chef Jerome Lefevre

12 shortstories

24 recipees

13 illustrated full colour doublepage-spreads + 30 vignettes

In french bookshops from the 1st of october
Can also be bought directly from www.1973.fr


Anonymous said...

this is really beautiful. i love the spirit reflected in your lines.
i'm an art student from egypt and i regularly turn to ur work when i'm in need of inspiration.
amazing really.
cheers, lola

Christiane said...

these look great! I esp. like the kid standing on the drawer.

Anonymous said...


Alex said...

Your work is so inspirational.

Anonymous said...

im also a art student, i find the work very inspirational for my liking of butts