Monday, 15 June 2009

A selection of the latest Publications

Case da Abitare
10 pages for Case da Abitare, March 2009

8 1/2
Two doublepages for 8 1/2, International Review
of Photography, Fashion and Art, June 2009

Canapé Cookbok 2009 with Elise Milicevic (1973
Editions) with more than 35 illustrations in

D Casa (la Repubblica delle Donne)
Cover for D Casa, may 2009

Kerb 17, 2009 Is LA dead?
Three images for Kerb Journal of Landscape Architecture.

T-shirts for H&M fall 2008-2009 in shops worldwide.


Small Cabinet of Natural Curiosites
Opening of my solo-exhibition in 2Agenten Gallery in Berlin Mitte on
the 12th of june.
A pleasant evening with lots of nice people.

The pictures will stay up until the 7th of august and if someone feel
to drop by the address is Gartenstrasse 1. The gallery is open
between 9.30-18.30.