Monday, 24 September 2007

Daniel Egnéus in Paris

The relaseparty for the new cookbook HOTDOG illustrated by me and written by Elise Milicevic is to be held the 1st of October at the restaurant Le Square on Montmartre.

HOTDOG will be on sale in French bookshops from the beginning of October and at Luis Vuitton in Champs-Elyseé, Bon Marché and at FNAC.

Other interesting jobs this week are Madame Figaro in Russia and MarieClaire/UK.


bam bam ink. said...

time goes by
and youre still my favourite illustrator in the world

greetings frm bs as!


Daniel Egnéus Illustration said...

Thank you Ana,

Anonymous said...

Ho scopeto per caso il tuo blog. Certe tue "ragazze" mi hanno ricordato SCHIELE E SCUSA SE è POCO.

josé louro said...

Didn't know your work. Like it a lot. One more fan.

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